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SaltFacial: Get your skin glowing with this organic and natural skin treatment!


Tried out the newest SaltFacial treatment at Ageless Beauty Center in Okemos, MI. They are the only facility in the area and the second in Michigan to own this machine. I'm sure you're curious about this procedure especially since it's a celebrity favorite!

Benefits of The SaltFacial:

Visible Results After Your First Treatment

Beneficial For All Skin Types

No Negative Side Effects Or Downtime

Improves Tone, Texture & Color For Noticeably Healthier Skin

All Natural Sea Salt…No Harmful Chemicals


I really loved the procedure. My skin was indeed glowing and clear after it. I didn't have any downtime and was able to go to work right after. The only setback I had was not being able to sweat on the day I got it done just so the skin can rest and recuperate. I didn't have any redness or irritation from it. I highly recommend it!

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Microblading: Eyebrows are everything!


Microblading: Eyebrows are everything!

As promised, here's my Microblading procedure from earlier today 💕

This isn't my first time getting them done as I had them done around 5 years ago. My original procedure faded which is why I wanted to get them redone and re shaped to better frame my face!

I really love how easy and relatively painless the procedure was. The consultation with Linsi Anderson, the brow artist was wonderful too! She asked me what I wanted, gave her recommendations, and explained everything including aftercare to me.

Healing will take 7-10 days. I won't be able to use any makeup on the area which is great since I don't need it anymore. If you know me, I love BROWS so much that I need my eyebrows on point at all times!😉💕😂

I really love this because it fits my extremely busy and sweaty lifestyle!✨⚡️✨💕✨💪🏼✨

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The Standard Hair Lash Brow is located in Lansing, MI


You can visit their website at: