Are you an Entrepreneur? Or are you addicted to the paycheck and wonder why you can't get ahead?





I grew up going to school and excelling in school because I wanted to create a business and NEVER thought of going to work for someone else as an employee. My parents never raised me to go to school and graduate so that I can "get a job". I am thankful for that.


The only time I got a "job" was a few years ago when I thought that maybe it's time to be "normal" but then I knew it wasn't for me which is why I pursued my web design multi media business instead.


Then there came a time when I ended up in a job for fun because I thought it might be something "normal" to do again. I got the job when I was just checking out the facilities and still hesitant to take it.


The pay was great - making six figures and I enjoyed it for a time because I learned new things. But once that novelty wore off and my soul was craving for that freedom that I was so used to, I had to walk away from that job to pursue another business venture that made me happy, gave me freedom, and allowed me to live the life I was "raised" for.


I was raised to be a business owner and to never have that "employee" mentality. I was raised to CREATE AND LEAD and not simply be a pawn and to fit in with the herd.


It's perfectly okay to not be part of the herd, to not fit in, to not be normal ⚡