Motivation is a secret to success that is overlooked yet so important. When it is focused on and improved, people get the most out of the hidden potential they have inside.


Be as detailed as you can in describing your goal(s).


Vague goals lead to vague measurements and no direction. You cannot start moving towards your goal if you don’t have it fully described because you cannot map steps to move towards it. With a specific goal, you can start identifying methods of moving towards that goal rather than sitting stagnant.


For example, “I want a better dating life” is too vague. How about “I want an intelligent, hard working, romantic, passionate, fit, ambitious man as a husband.” This detail motivates you and sparks fire inside of you. If you recognize a man like that, you’re more likely to have more fire inside of you.


A detailed goal also evokes the visual imagery part of your brain rather than keeping your imagination at bay. You want that detail to spark you into seeing how amazing achieving it would be. This helps you stay on course and unearths untapped motivation.