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Team Thunder Coach Group *
If you're sponsor hasn't added you yet, make sure you request to be a part of the Team Thunder Coach group on Facebook. It's where I will post any updates, trainings, events, and where you can go to ask questions if you need help with anything.
Workout Program & Club Membership *
When you enroll with your challenge pack, you automatically receive the Team Beachbody Club, featuring Beachbody On Demand (BOD) free for 14 days. To access it, visit club.teambeachbody.com and login with your username and password. If after 30 days you wish to cancel it, you can contact Coach Relations and ask them to cancel your Club Membership. The cost of the Club Membership is $38.87 every 3 months and is required later for some coaching perks - like free customers from the company. We do recommend keeping this as an added valuable resource as a coach.
Get & Stay Active *
The easiest way to be active and earn all the benefits of an active coach is to be on Shakeology Home Direct (HD) or the Performance Line (HD). As a coach, you cannot recommend a product you aren’t using yourself so being on Shakeology is crucial to your success! {Except for those of you who have reactions or allergies}. You need 50 personal volume points (PV - points from your personal purchases or points from your personal sales) to be an ACTIVE coach. Each product has a PV# attached to it. For example, Shakeology is 90 PV. Keep in mind that Personal Volume is not only YOUR personal orders but also CUSTOMER orders placed through you. For example, if someone purchased Shakeology, you receive 90 PV for that current month, but in order to get Success Club benefits and incentives, which include free customers from the company, you need to be on an HD of 90 PV or higher each month. **IMPORTANT**: If you were previously on HD, you want to make sure your HD order from your customer account is transferred to your new coaching account so you get the 25% discounted Shakeology and so you become ACTIVE ASAP!
National Wake Up Call - Weekly Coach Calls *
Tune in each Monday at 11 AM EST. Text "CoachCall" to 96000 to receive a reminder 15 minutes before the call begins.
Personal Development *
Personal development is crucial to your success as a Beachbody Coach. From this point on make it a priority to continuously commit to reading a personal development book or listening to audio. The first book that I highly recommend is "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz. It's the first book I read and the one that changed my life. If you want to experience success, you have to be in the proper mindset to do so. Once you complete this book, ask me and I will recommend another.
Coaches Placed Under You *
You will probably start to notice coaches being placed underneath you. These are Personally Sponsored (PS) coaches from either me or the coaches above you, and you will earn Team Volume (TV) from them, helping you cycle once you hit Emerald. However, you don’t need to reach out to them or anything although it would be helpful to do so so we can all work as a team. Their sponsor will do the training, be the one in contact with them, etc. but you can follow up with their sponsor to ensure the team grows solid.
Zoom *
Our calls from this point forward will be done using the video conference system Zoom. Make sure you download it on your computer and phone at www.zoom.us.
Live Events *
Now that you're a Coach, you want to make it a priority to get to as many Beachbody events as possible. Each quarter Beachbody holds an event in cities all around the U.S. and Canada called the Super Saturday. To find a local Super Saturday event, go to this link: http://www.beachbodycoach.com/esuite/control/dPage?pageName=SuperSaturday. The next event, and most important, is the Beachbody Coach Summit, which is held once a year. In 2018, it will be held in Indianapolis, IN on June 21–24. It's extremely important that you get to Summit every year! www.coachsummit.com.


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