Branding and Knowing Who You Want to Attract

Remember: No matter what exercises and training we offer, you are always involved in the results producing activities of making new contacts, messaging, inviting and following up. The 4 vital behaviors are also non-negotiable.

Branding: Who are you and who do you want to attract into your business?

For example, if you’re hard working, into fashion and animal rescue, but you spend much of your time posting sweaty workout pictures and pictures of your night outings with friends, you may not attract your ideal client. Many coaches skimp on doing the hard work of finding out who their ideal customer is because it takes time and well, it’s not always easy to hone it in. Commit to doing it right TODAY. Give it your all. Kati Heifner has a free branding exercise that we’d like you to work on today.

Action Exercises:

Do Draft 1 of Kati Heifner’s branding exercise and share your preliminary findings with your team in your Team Coach group. What did you learn about yourself and the person that you want to work with.

Once you have done this branding exercise, ask two people in your team coach group along with your Sponsor to give you feedback on your social media pages, whether it’s your FB profile page, the Like page, or Instagram. Ask them if what you are projecting in alignment with who you want to attract? How are you coming across? What kinds of people will your posts attract. Be open to feedback.

Share HOW you added 5 people to your network AND who you messaged.

Who did you add to your network today and who did you message? Share details.