how to attract who you want  

Let’s continue on the topic of honing in on who you are and who you want to attract. In this video and in the text below, coach Colleen Glackin leads us through another exercise to help you narrow down who you are also who you want to attract.

Action Exercises:

 Watch video

and read the document below:


Personal page is a great way to send messages to people, to invite, invite, invite. Facebook business page or like page is a way to connect with strangers, and even to give yourself a bigger stage to attract your friends to connect with you. I just heard a great message at church on friendship. It’s a lost art. 25 years ago people had an average of 6 close friends. Now people have 2. Loneliness is on the increase. And there are several reasons for that. One of them is people are too busy and they think they don’t have time for friendships. Friends add to our lives. We have to see it as that and not a duty. A good friend will multiply your celebrations and half your sorrows. Social media is not heart level friendships. It’s very shallow. People often use it as a bragging ground or a complaining ground. But we can change that. No it should not take the place of phone calls and intimate relationships but we can use it as a way to connect with people on a deep level by letting them in to see the real us.

There are 1.35 billion users on Facebook. And these people are lonely for a real connection with someone. Are you going to become best friends with all of the people on your business page, absolutely not, but you can positively add to their life by connecting with them and inspiring them. Then hopefully a percentage will become even closer connections by becoming challengers or coaches on your team.


1) Remember these people choose to be there.  Think of it has a theatre, people are piling in and waiting for a show. You are suddenly a celebrity – does this mean you suddenly have to wear makeup all the time, wear fancy clothes,  and have a perfect body? just means people are looking at you..following you… and want to be inspired, entertained and relate to you. It also means you need to make your posts as professional as possible. What I mean by this is use photo apps to make your pictures stand out. Have them be in focus, cropped, etc. Don’t take pictures if there is a ton of junk in the background..unless of course you are talking about clutter.

2) Do not think of how you can sell to people or get them to sign to your team…think of how you can connect or relate to this person. How is this person going to want to hang out with you, to get to know you, to think about you.  You share your life. Your crazy, busy, full life..and oh yeah..Beachbody is a huge part of that. (I fit in my workout, I drank my simplified nutrition). That will be an on-going theme.  I think it was Carly Del Carlo who said on the Morning Wakeup Call : people relate to people not products. That is what we are going for here.

3) Most importantly – have fun with this. Get something out of it. I hated my page for a long time because it was not me. Felt so forced. As soon as I started pouring myself into it I started having fun with it and I looked forward to posting and creating a following. Think of it like a blog almost. Sharing my journey.


  • Relationship (married, single parent, dating, engaged, newly wed)
  • Kids (no kid, 4 kids, only child, trying to have kids)
  • Family (are you a sister, a daughter, adopted, oldest, middle, youngest).
  • Where you live
  • Where you’re from
  • Education
  • Tastes
  • Dislikes
  • Insecurities
  • Things that make you laugh, cry, angry, happy, scared
  • Your beliefs (faith, things that matter to you like manners or intimacy)
  • Your talents (diy, shopper, couponer, cook, makeup, fashionista, home decorator)
  • Your fears

Take this list and start jotting down things about you. Keep a notebook. Constantly be paying attention to your life. How you react to things. The everyday things that you don’t even pay attention to you are going to have to start. What makes you tick. How does  it works? How do you make things postable?


  • Relationship – married, talk about out of ordinary things husband does like buy me photo equipment when I complained about my videos, or that we argue before date night)
  • Kids – 3 kids, Josie home with me and she is character – have been able to share about her tantrums in a funny way that people enjoy following her and gives me relief
  • Family – middle of 3 girls, overly sensitive,
  • I am a wimp when it comes to confrontation. If someone is not nice to me I will be upset, however if someone is mean to my kids I will go all angry Mama Goose on them
  • Tastes – favorite sweatpants, makeup, toothpaste
  • Dislikes – when I hold a door for someone and they don’t say thank you or lady talking at the library
  • Insecurities – scar on my forehead, going through awkward phase
  • Your beliefs (faith, things that matter to you like manners or intimacy) I recently share about struggling with tithing faithfully at church
  • Your talents –actually show photos of the project you do. Don’t just share something that looks like a good idea – organizing Josie’s drawer. does Beachbody wind it’s way in it all? Always post at least once “fitness or nutrition” post a day. What does that look like? Not a BB ad. If I saw a BB ad on someone’s page I just started following I would search Amazon for the product and buy it there. Commenting on a post, waiting for a reply or sending a message to someone’s business page I would only do if I felt connected to them and really wanted to have a conversation with them.  So, no salsey posts. You can share about “starting a new workout program that you love and would love to share about”… You have to tap into your “language”. What do I mean by that? For me – my language is laughter. Inherited it from my Dad. We laugh at everything. We can’t handle serious things for too long. We are goofy.  We make people laugh. That’s our language. If I’m not laughing I’m usually crying..or angry.. lol. No, really, I’d rather stay laughing. The spirit of joy is naturally a part of me  and I usually interpret things in a humorous manner….well, what I see as humorous. Clearly not everyone would like or enjoy my humor.

Back to how I process.. so today, for example, 21 Day Fix Extreme pilates. With the resistance band. I felt ridiculously awkward. While I was an athlete in high school, I would not call myself a star athlete, I was more a jv athlete. And I am clumbsy, and stubborn, and I usually don’t embrace new things…so the workout was frustrating for me today. But if someone was in the room with me I would have made a joke about it.. because I had the resistance band  so tangled up and so not what Autumn was doing. So what’s the next best thing to having someone there to share about it? I posted it on FB. Took a photo of myself all tangled up and post about it. Used humor..but still was able to share that I did my Fix Extreme workout. Planting seeds. Daily. So maybe you are naturally athletic…then you could post tips about how to correctly use the resistance band. Maybe it made you feel frustrated as well and you wanted to quit..but you didn’t…and then you felt accomplished.. share about that. Maybe you are an overanalyzer and want to figure out how much more of a workout you get using a resistance band versus weights or nothing at all, so you google that and share about it. ..maybe spiritual is your language, and you pray before each workout.  Tap into how you are feeling about the workout ..the program..the meal.. whatever it is fitness/nutrition wise and share about that.

Another example – so I often feel like an underachiever Mom. I swear before I had kids I was an awesome Mom… I mean I wasn’t a Mom..but I babysat.. and I was freaking craftastic, hide and seek, imagination run wild babysitter. I thought I’d be the same once I had kids. I tried for the first kid for the first year or so and it never seemed worth it. The handmade Easter cards I took hours preparing for and making with two toddlers? Yeah.. we never mailed them. Held on to them for years before I threw them away. Meal planning? I do not care for cooking.. at all. Used to love baking until I realized I was the only one who ate everything. My husband cooks. The few times I try to make something either the kids hate it or he tries to change it up by adding an ingredient. I always get my feelings hurt. So I just don’t even try. Everyone is thriving nicely and my husband loves to cook. BUT…despite being “okay” with not being the Pinterest or Betty Crocker Mom, every once in a while I feel a little like an underachiever. Like Valentine’s Day. All of a sudden by news feed is full of these cute Valentine’s. Like a Minion made out of a twinkie or broken crayons melted into hearts. ..and I am like.. well, I went to Walmart and bought some Frozen valentines and Fun Dip for the boys. And then a funny video came to me.. an “underachiever Mom” character.

People always say “how do you come up with this stuff?” …honestly it’s just naturally how I process things. Everything is a huge joke. Lol. No.. not that dramatic. But I hope you get the point. You don’t have to try and be don’t have to try and be super athlete or super just have to be you! You are unique and you have something to offer that I don’t have..nor does anyone else on this call.  There are 1.35 billion users out there… start connecting!

1) Be you: Check out top coaches Facebook pages for inspiration and encouragement, but don’t copycat their style. My page grew the most when I poured myself into it. It became less of a “business page” and more of a “personal page”. It was fun for me to do because I was connecting with people and creating a following.  Besides a Beachbody coach, who are you? A parent, a bargain shopper, a decorator, a fashionista, an athlete? Are you good at cooking, meal planning or doing makeup and hair? Are you spiritual, funny, intellectual, creative? Do you love crafts or DIY projects?

2) Be consistent: Post at least once a day (I’d recommend 2 or 3). One post should always be fitness/health related. There are so many ways to show that you are dedicated to Beachbody products and coaching without posting ads. If you’ve had a transformation already think about how it’s impacted you: for example when I was flying recently I remembered how uncomfortable it was to fly when I was overweight, or when I go to the playground with my kids and play tag I remember how I used to be the Mom who had to sit on the bench on her phone because I had no energy.

3) Get personal: tell stories about the things that matter to you. This is how you are going to get a following on Facebook. People need to connect to you, to relate to you and to feel like they know you. Once that happens they will interact more your page and it will grow. Just about ANYTHING is postable. Turning everyday life into a post.


  • Annoyed with husband, felt bored, then looked over and saw a sweet moment. Going for walk with my was painfully slow.
  • Unsexy things that happen as a Mom – how you look like a drowned rat after you give your child a bath, or when you are driving down the road and your toddler starts throwing things at you.
  • Things that annoy you – post about them without complaining – but show people what you value – like the woman talking at the library, or how expensive greeting cards are -  when you hold the door for something and they don’t say thank you.
  • Maybe it’s someone at work. “to be honests wit ya”…. “girl, I’m telling you”. Think of funny stories you’d tell your spouse or your friends and post about them.
  • Pets – do they do something funny. My dogs freak out when I start exercising.
  • What do you find sexy about your husband/boyfriend – crack egg with one hand.
  • *** I pay attention to when I post things. For example if I am posting something related to being a Mom I always post those during the day, when most SAHM may be on Facebook. My posts that I want to make sure people see – my transformation photos or a video I made I post prime time (8:30 to 9:30 pm).


4) Brand yourself: If you are getting personal, and consistency sharing about your life, than branding should happen. You want people to think of you. People tell me all the time they come check out my page daily so they can laugh. They also follow my “What Josie Cried About”. I turned my toddler’s daily fits into a funny post. There was also a time when I shared openly about my “cheeseball” addiction. I was eating very well, drinking Shakeology daily, except for the darn cheesballs. Like every afternoon I was digging in and covered in that bright orange dust. 21 Day Fix original helped me break that habit last year – but people for months afterwards, even now, sometimes, tell me they saw cheesballs and thought of me. Is that how I want to be remembered? Sure! As long as they remember me…and the fact I got past that junk food habit!
5) Just do it: Do the project, recipe, craft. Don’t just share a good recipe. Make it, take a photo and taste it first. That way you can really give feedback on how easy or complicated it was, and how it tasted.  Same with DIY or craft projects. Don’t share ideas you find on Pinterest. Actually do them.